Vereniging Aardehuis Oost Nederland intention is to build, work, live in their homes and in their lives in harmony with nature, in constructive relationship with one another and as a source of inspiration to the world around them. Their aim is realised through the construction of an ecological housing project of 23 self-sufficient Earth-houses in Olst, whereby all aspects of sustainability are taken into consideration and balanced into an harmonious whole.

  • The project makes optimal use (and re-use) of local existing waste materials, resources and natural processes.
  • Households and communal systems are fully self sufficient in terms of energy, water and sanitation; Reducing the carbon footprint of residents to a fraction of the Dutch average. Solidarity is an underlining guiding principle – this is reflected in the pursuit of environmentally friendly building and living, which is in principle accessible to all budgets.
  • Communal property is shared and cared for collectively.
  • Mutual respect, open communication and shared responsibility is balanced in a natural way with individual freedom.
  • The project has an educational objective to promote a sustainable lifestyle in general, and CO2-neutral building and housing in particular.
  • The project combines housing with small scale employment which is  largely created by educational and recreation projects

Overnight accommodation

In the vicinity of the Earthship village is a rural group accommodation (converted farm) at approx. 10 minutes cycling distance or 35 minutes walk through the woods. It accommodates 18 people in 5 rooms with two beds, 1 double room and a dormitory with three bunk beds. All rooms have their own bathroom and toilet. It is also possible to camp on an adjacent grass field.


Earthships Olst