Mhaelchior and Mharoeska live on ‘Die Schöpfung’ and live from the idea that if you are who you are, then you will receive the life that belongs to you. They like to share this with people who also experience this. Mhaelchior and Mharoeska have guided their children for years through homeschooling, and from this experience they have discovered that it is important for children, that a child becomes familiar with his own space and in that way becomes familiar with him- or herself.

Overnight accommodation

You can spend the night in your own tent, a caravan, a place to sleep in a dormitory / mini courtyard or for an additional fee of five to ten euros, a bed and breakfast room at the holistic horse farm ‘De hof van Wolda’, which is a fifteen-minute walk from ‘Die Schöpfung’.

Die Schöpfung